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Marie Mitchell, PNP, FNP, writes a monthly column, “Corner on Health” for Montana Parent magazine. See links below for current and archived articles.

Current Article:   Leaving home at any age can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved, whether the time away is short or long…get advice on helping your child (and you!) cope with homesickness in this month’s Corner on Health article in Montana Parent Magazine, “On their own: dealing with homesickness.” Article on page 54.

Archived Articles:


May, 2017: “Advance Care Planning"

April, 2017: "Medical Trivia"

March, 2017:  "Understanding transgender"

February, 2017: Hope for the Brokenhearted

January, 2017: "Postpartum Thyroiditis"


December, 2016: "Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer"

October, 2016: "What's New With The Flu"

September, 2016: "Is your pet making you sick?"

August, 2016: The Zika Virus: Should You Be Worried?

June/July, 2016: "Are You in a Healthy Relationship?"

April, 2016: “Breast Cancer Screening: What you should know

March, 2016: "Acne: It Can Be Treated!"

February, 2016: "Temper Tantrums"

January, 2016: "Best Baby Practices for 2016"


December, 2015 "When there's no place to call home: Homelessness in Montana"

November, 2015: "Does your child have a hearing problem?"

September, 2015: "Traumatic Brain Injury"

August, 2015: "Wellness Exams"

June/July, 2015: "Water Safety"

May, 2015: "Backyard Camping and Sleepovers"

April, 2015: Planning a Trip?

March, 2015: "Is it a Phase, or is it Drugs?"

February, 2015: "Your Child's Developmental Journey"

January, 2015: "Newborn Swaddling: It's a Wrap"


December, 2014: “Making your mark: What you need to know about Tattoos

November, 2014: "Pertussis: The Hundred Day Cough"

October, 2014: "Eat Your Fruits and Veggies"

September, 2014:  "Planning for the Unexpected"

August, 2014:  "Measles: Not Your Everyday Rash"

June/July, 2014:"Making a Difference in an Emergency"

March, 2014: "Reducing Risks to you and your baby while pregnant"

February, 2014: “Grief: Helping our Children Through the Process

January, 2014: "Sleep: For You and Your Newborn"


December, 2013: "Tune Up for the Holidays"

November, 2013: "New Influenza Vaccination Options"

October, 2013: "Food Safety"

September, 2013: "Getting a 'Heads Up' on Concussions"

August, 2013: "Safe and Secure"

June/July, 2013: "Sunscreen"

May, 2013: "Safeguarding Our Children"

April, 2013: "Healthy and Safe Campers"

March, 2013: “Happy Trails and Healthy Travel"

February, 2013: "Is Humor Healthy?"

January, 2013: "Who's Toasting in the New Year? Teens and Alcohol"


December, 2012: "In the Spirit of Giving"

November, 2012: "Smoking: Is Now the Time to Quit?"

September, 2012: "Who's Caring For Your Child? Arranging Child Care in Montana"

August, 2012: "Back to School Health and Safety Basics"

June/July, 2012: “Health Care Planning for Your College-bound Teen”

May, 2012: “Health Care for Your 'Growing and Grown Up' Child”

April, 2012: “Sports Physicals”

March, 2012: “Immunization Updates for 2012”

February, 2012: “A Tan for All Seasons”

January, 2012: “Back to Sleep: Best Baby Practices”


December, 2011: “The Present No One Wants…Lice”

November, 2011: “Phooey on the Flu”

October, 2011: “Life Can Be Scary…Especially When You Are a Kid”

September, 2011: "Organizing Health Information”

August, 2011: “Puberty”

June/July, 2011: “Sensible Sun Safety”

May, 2011: “Home Alone: Is Your Child Ready? Are You?”

April, 2011: “Achoo! Spring is in the Air”

March, 2011: “Wellness Check-ups: Not Just for Kids”

February, 2011: “Influenza: It’s Here!”

January, 2011: “What Makes Babies Smart?”


December, 2010: “Tips for a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season”

The following articles are not archived online. Please contact Montana Parent Magazine or our office for a copy.

August/September 2010: “Why All the Well-child Exams?”

June/July 2010: “Immunity Takes a Community”

April, 2010: “Childhood Obesity: Parents Can Make a Difference”