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Marie Mitchell, PNP, FNP, writes a monthly column, “Corner on Health” for Montana Parent magazine. See links below for current and archived articles.

Current Article:  National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is October 28th. Find out how to dispose of your expired and no longer-needed medications in this month’s Corner on Health Article in Montana Parent Magazine, “Disposing of old, unused medications safely.” Article on page 37.

Archived Articles:


August, 2017: “Take Your Medicine

June/July, 2017:  "On their own: dealing with homesickness"

May, 2017: “Advance Care Planning"

April, 2017: "Medical Trivia"

March, 2017:  "Understanding transgender"

February, 2017: Hope for the Brokenhearted

January, 2017: "Postpartum Thyroiditis"


December, 2016: "Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer"

October, 2016: "What's New With The Flu"

September, 2016: "Is your pet making you sick?"

August, 2016: The Zika Virus: Should You Be Worried?

June/July, 2016: "Are You in a Healthy Relationship?"

April, 2016: “Breast Cancer Screening: What you should know

March, 2016: "Acne: It Can Be Treated!"

February, 2016: "Temper Tantrums"

January, 2016: "Best Baby Practices for 2016"


December, 2015 "When there's no place to call home: Homelessness in Montana"

November, 2015: "Does your child have a hearing problem?"

September, 2015: "Traumatic Brain Injury"

August, 2015: "Wellness Exams"

June/July, 2015: "Water Safety"

May, 2015: "Backyard Camping and Sleepovers"

April, 2015: Planning a Trip?

March, 2015: "Is it a Phase, or is it Drugs?"

February, 2015: "Your Child's Developmental Journey"

January, 2015: "Newborn Swaddling: It's a Wrap"


December, 2014: “Making your mark: What you need to know about Tattoos

November, 2014: "Pertussis: The Hundred Day Cough"

October, 2014: "Eat Your Fruits and Veggies"

September, 2014:  "Planning for the Unexpected"

August, 2014:  "Measles: Not Your Everyday Rash"

June/July, 2014:"Making a Difference in an Emergency"

March, 2014: "Reducing Risks to you and your baby while pregnant"

February, 2014: “Grief: Helping our Children Through the Process

January, 2014: "Sleep: For You and Your Newborn"


December, 2013: "Tune Up for the Holidays"

November, 2013: "New Influenza Vaccination Options"

October, 2013: "Food Safety"

September, 2013: "Getting a 'Heads Up' on Concussions"

August, 2013: "Safe and Secure"

June/July, 2013: "Sunscreen"

May, 2013: "Safeguarding Our Children"

April, 2013: "Healthy and Safe Campers"

March, 2013: “Happy Trails and Healthy Travel"

February, 2013: "Is Humor Healthy?"

January, 2013: "Who's Toasting in the New Year? Teens and Alcohol"


December, 2012: "In the Spirit of Giving"

November, 2012: "Smoking: Is Now the Time to Quit?"

September, 2012: "Who's Caring For Your Child? Arranging Child Care in Montana"

August, 2012: "Back to School Health and Safety Basics"

June/July, 2012: “Health Care Planning for Your College-bound Teen”

May, 2012: “Health Care for Your 'Growing and Grown Up' Child”

April, 2012: “Sports Physicals”

March, 2012: “Immunization Updates for 2012”

February, 2012: “A Tan for All Seasons”

January, 2012: “Back to Sleep: Best Baby Practices”


December, 2011: “The Present No One Wants…Lice”

November, 2011: “Phooey on the Flu”

October, 2011: “Life Can Be Scary…Especially When You Are a Kid”

September, 2011: "Organizing Health Information”

August, 2011: “Puberty”

June/July, 2011: “Sensible Sun Safety”

May, 2011: “Home Alone: Is Your Child Ready? Are You?”

April, 2011: “Achoo! Spring is in the Air”

March, 2011: “Wellness Check-ups: Not Just for Kids”

February, 2011: “Influenza: It’s Here!”

January, 2011: “What Makes Babies Smart?”


December, 2010: “Tips for a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season”

The following articles are not archived online. Please contact Montana Parent Magazine or our office for a copy.

August/September 2010: “Why All the Well-child Exams?”

June/July 2010: “Immunity Takes a Community”

April, 2010: “Childhood Obesity: Parents Can Make a Difference”